Imagine you are in a grocery store and you come across a shelf full of roasted snacks. What comes to your mind when you see the word ‘roasted’? Do words like ‘healthy’ and ‘oil-free’ cross your mind? Or do you have second thoughts about the snacks being oven-fried? The good news is roasted snacks are made completely oil-free, which makes them a healthy substitute to satiate your cravings.

Do you know what makes roasted snacks healthy? What processes are involved to make them a crispy yet healthy alternative to your otherwise fried snacks? Well, in this blog, you will find all the reasons why you should add roasted snacks in your snacks jars immediately. 

Roasted and How! 

In recent years, traditional techniques of roasting are gaining their much-deserved importance as a healthier, effective, and oil-free way of cooking. In Rajasthan, these traditional methods of roasting using rock salt have long been used in the process of cooking snacks. It’s a high-temperature rapid treatment that enhances the crispiness, texture, aroma, and flavour of the product. The high temperature helps in breaking down the starch, proteins, and fats in the ingredients. In simple words, the process of roasting is employed in making snacks easily digestible. 

This is the reason why roasted snacks can be consumed to fill the gaps between your meals so that you can eat enough and feel healthy all day, not guilty. 

Not everyone is aware of what goes behind making these roasted snacks. But now you know. Are you still a fence sitter in terms of ‘roasting’ and ‘frying’ of snacks? Can you easily lean on fried food and neglect your nutrition? Here’s everything you need to know to clear the clutter. 

Roasting v/s Frying 

While using the frying method, food is immersed in oil after coating it with batter or flour. This automatically raises the calorie count. In addition to that, fried foods are loaded with trans fats. Trans fats cannot be easily broken down for digestion and thereby lead to health problems related to heart, obesity, diabetes, and some kinds of cancer. 

You’ll immediately see a difference in your energy after consumption of fried and roasted snacks. When you snack on fried food, you feel a crash in the level of energy. You can even feel hungry again after some time. Whereas when you consume roasted snacks, you feel full and energetic. 

Roasted snacks pass with flying colors when it comes to maintaining an energetic mood throughout the day. If you have a good mood and good food with you, what else do you need? 

Our snacks are 100% Roasted! 

Roasting is at the core of our manufacturing process. All the snacks in our product range are 100% oil-free. Remember, we mentioned above about traditional roasting techniques of Rajasthan using rock salt? Yes, we use the same technique. Nutripanda snacks are recommended by dieticians for patients with heart problems and diabetes. It’s that safe to consume them. 

Whether you’re thinking to replace potato chips or your Indian dry snacks, we have them all, ROASTED. Now you know how they’re made so you’ll know you have made the right choice when you order them next time. 

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