Tips for Healthy Snacking

healthy snacking
  • Develop a healthy snack plan in advance. If you wait until you’re hungry to decide what to eat, you may only be able to find less healthy choices. You might also end up eating more than you need
  • Keep your fridge, freezer and pantry stocked with healthy foods that you can grab quickly. Some examples include:
    • Fresh fruits and vegetables
    • Frozen fruit
    • Fruits canned in water or their own juice
    • Whole grain bread, crackers and cereals
    • Yogurt
    • Cheese
    • Unsalted nuts and seeds and their butters
    • Hummus
    • Hard boiled eggs
    • Single serving canned fish
  • Snacks are a great time to add extra servings of vegetables and fruits to your day. Wash them ahead of time so they are quick and easy to grab when you are hungry
  • Leftovers make great snacks. After meals, package them into smaller “snack” sized containers, date and label the containers, and store them in the fridge or freezer
  • Packaged foods often contain more than 1 serving. Check the label to find the amount of food equal to 1 serving. Take the amount you want to eat out of the package and put the rest away
  • Drink water, milk or unsweetened fortified soy beverages with snacks to help you feel more satisfied

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